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Quick Start - Xray

this is a quick overview to use Xray with your .NET project.

Open the Xray Viewer

  1. Run the Xray Viewer (under administrator, it hosts WCF which requires elevated permissions)

Reference the Dlls

  1. Reference the Xray.Common in your project
  2. Reference the Xray.ContainerName (for example Xray.Windsor)

Add the Container to Xray

  1. Set up your container and its components
  2. now you will need to register the container with Xray

   XrayClient xray = new XrayWindsor(container); 

  • call this to update the viewer (this can be called multiple times, to update the viewer with any new information)


Run your application

when your application runs, each time the xray.Update is called the latest information about the IoC container will be sent to the Viewer

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